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Kitchen Design In Minimalist House

Kitchen Minimalist image from @kicenbyme

The kitchen is an important place in the house because in this kitchen is where we make food. With a comfortable kitchen atmosphere, you can cook comfortably, calmly and tentatively it makes our cuisine more delicious. Because the good of our cuisine is also much determined from the mood of the person who cooks.

Kitchen Minimalist image from @kicenbyme
Kitchen Minimalist image from @kicenbyme

Therefore, on this occasion I will share some explanations about the design that you can use as a reference to organize or design a kitchen in your home to fit and comfortable in a minimalist type of house.

Kitchen that blends into the living room
The kitchen with the model blends together with the family room is very good for those of you who have a minimalist house. besides being able to save space for the kitchen, you can also cook while watching movies or chatting with the family in the room, of course because this model kitchen blends together with the family room and is not separated. You also don’t need to have a dining table because you can eat the food you make on the chairs and the family table while watching tv.

You can create a minimalist kitchen design by making the kitchen in the corner. by adding a cabinet at the top makes us take advantage of a small room to be able to accommodate a lot of goods. of course you have to adjust the height so that you can pick up the items stored in the cabinet. Do not forget to give a touch of light so that you get an attractive appearance and make you not saturated in the kitchen.

Kitchen with elongated model is also good for those of you who have a minimalist house with a long shape, with the design although the size is not too wide you still get a spacious atmosphere of the kitchen in terms of length. if the design still feels narrow you can remove the tables and dining chairs to look more spacious.

Use small cooking utensils so it does not take up much space, although you will have difficulty when going to cook a lot but if you have a minimalist house of course the number of your family of 3-4 people and with small appliances are considered able to cook for a number of people.

Make sure your room is always clean. No matter how wide the house will definitely not feel good if the environment is dirty and messy. Messy and untidy objects will make your kitchen look cramped and interfere with your comfort. Make sure everything is neatly arranged, not only for the kitchen but also for the family room if you make your kitchen blend together with the family room.

Also be sure to use a small gas cylinder to save space or if possible you can use an electric stove so that in addition to minimalism, your kitchen will look much minimalist.

Thank you for visiting, maybe so many tips that we can give. We hope you have your dream home with a beautiful kitchen so that you feel more at home. See you in the next article.