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How Kitchen Colour Schemes Can Create Space And Play With Light

kitchen colour dark image from johnlewisofhungerford

Color is a most important aspect for interior design of your house. Choosing the right color scheme for a room can have a big impact on the comfort and enjoyment you get from your home, while choosing the wrong color can lead to the opposite. Nowhere is more important than the focal point of the house – the kitchen. But what makes a ‘good’ color scheme?

First and foremost, the right color scheme is one that matches the unique needs of your home and values ​​your style. Colors create moods, so your choice of color scheme should match the goals of your kitchen and your family. Is this just a place to prepare food or are you going to eat there too? If your kitchen functions as a dining area, it is often recommended that you choose a calmer color like white, light gray, blue or green which all help create a relaxed atmosphere.

Color is also an integral part of your visual theme and can help create a kitchen design aesthetic. If you are looking for a more rustic and understated theme then natural colors like green and brown are perfect. On the other hand, an intense palette of magenta and cyan can maximize the influence of your modern kitchen style.

Color schemes should address the individual features of your home. As a starting point for making your own color choices, consider the different effects opposing color schemes can have.

Be clear. When to choose strong contrasts and striking colors
Choosing deeper, more impressive colors can lead to a beautiful aesthetic that demonstrates intimacy, style and sophistication. They can also add balance to the overall kitchen design. For example, if you have a large kitchen, a darker color can help create the illusion of a smaller room. This color scheme is also perfect for kitchens that don’t get a lot of light because dark colors are more absorbent than reflect light, so pay attention to this aspect of the kitchen.

kitchen colour dark image from johnlewisofhungerford
kitchen colour dark image from johnlewisofhungerford

Add this to the strong color contrast between the different elements of the kitchen and you’ll have a room that makes a visual impact. It’s perfect for maximizing the aesthetic effect of the clean lines of a modern kitchen, but it’s also important to practice moderation. A color scheme that’s too bold can overwhelm a room and detract from your other design options.

A Subtler Effect: Use color to create harmony and space
The softer color scheme builds a light, calm atmosphere, and is perfect for kitchens designed to be warm and inviting. By selecting a color next to the color wheel, you will have a ‘tonal’ or ‘harmonious’ color scheme that has a balanced and calming effect. Lighter colors also work well in rooms that receive a lot of light and can help build a sense of space.

kitchen colour dark image from johnlewisofhungerford
kitchen colour dark image from johnlewisofhungerford

Regardless of which color you prefer, it’s also important to consider how it works with the scheme of the adjacent rooms. So, whether you want a striking kitchen that acts as the centerpiece of your home or a lighter room that can serve multiple functions, think about how the kitchen will fit into your home and contribute to the aesthetics of your overall interior.