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7 colors of kitchen paint to make it look spacious

Kitchen Design Color, Image From @johnlewisofhungerford

Who would have thought that kitchen paint plays an important role in beautifying the kitchen? Not only that, choosing the right color combination can create the illusion of a spacious room for a small kitchen.
In addition to the color of the kitchen paint on the walls, every detail in the kitchen interior including the kitchen set affects the overall atmosphere of the room. As the heart of the house, the atmosphere of the kitchen needs to be ensured to feel comfortable for everyone who uses it.
Although the kitchen is relatively small, try one of the following kitchen paint color combinations to make the room feel much more spacious and comfortable.

Kitchen Design Color, Image From @johnlewisofhungerford
Kitchen Design Color, Image From @johnlewisofhungerford

Elegant All-White Black and White

It’s no secret that white is relied on to give a broad impression on a small room. As long as the kitchen paint is carefully applied, the average neutral color that is soft in addition to white is suitable for small kitchens.
To make the room aesthetically and spacious, apply white kitchen paint and take advantage of the glossy white ceramic tile display as a kitchen backsplash. While white can make the kitchen look too monotonous, application variations through white derivatives such as creamy white or ivory white can give the kitchen a different look without looking boring.

Elegant All-White Black and White

modern minimalist kitchen set contemporary style with black kitchen paint color domination. This combination of kitchen paint colors can be quite classic, utilizing black color on kitchen sets and kitchen appliances such as planting stoves combined with white color on walls and countertops. With this combination, a small kitchen with a monochrome theme is created.

Although the kitchen is relatively small, an important point to note when applying this combination of kitchen paint colors is the adequate lighting of the room from the windows and lighting the room itself. Thanks to the bright light in the kitchen at all times, the color of black kitchen paint on the kitchen set will not seem too dark so that the room looks wider.

Natural Touch of Green & Wood

Want to get closer to nature? This combination of kitchen paint colors can be an option. Small kitchens that apply natural concepts can be realized through the selection of natural materials and colors with soothing coolness.
Simply combine a wooden kitchen set with dark green kitchen paint color that aligns with the texture of the wood. Choose a kitchen backsplash with neutral colors such as white and gray to unite the two elements of the kitchen so that it creates a room that feels more alive and away from the impression of tightness.

Retro Color Blend

The attractive color scheme of the kitchen paint lies in the selection of the right kitchen theme. While white looks to dominate the kitchen as the main color, retro design accents in the room’s color palette choices steal the attention effectively.
From green contrasts to warm vintage or shabby chic, antique accessories, to classic carved guardrails, creative kitchen presentations with the right kitchen paint color scheme are the main keys to make a tiny kitchen look attractive.

Turquoise domination and Flaming Red

The compact kitchen is guaranteed to look cheerful when blending primary colors as the main focus of the room. Just take the inspiration above that combines blue green or turquoise on kitchen sets and kitchen cabinets with orange kitchen paint on the walls and kitchen utensils.
Don’t forget, apply neutral colors as transitions between primary colors on other kitchen areas. That way, the overall color of the kitchen paint will look balanced and harmonious, you will also be more enthusiastic about cooking at home.

Warm & Cool Kitchen Paint Combination

When it is difficult to determine the color of kitchen paint, try a combination of warm and cool colors. The contrast between the two hues can clarify the illusion of a larger room so that the kitchen does not feel petite.
The choice of warm kitchen paint can be a soft orange color such as on the wall above or other earth colors such as terracotta, yellow, or red. Meanwhile, a cool choice of kitchen paint can be green, blue, or purple. To balance the two types of colors, choose a neutral color such as white or gray to tie them harmoniously.

Fashionable KitchenEtte with Soft Pastel

Soft pastel accents can be a mainstay when choosing petite kitchen paint colors. In addition to pastel touches on the walls or window panels, the matching color of kitchen paint is the white domination of other furniture. such as bar chairs, refrigerators, chandeliers, and sink areas.

Pastel kitchen paint is an anti-mainstream choice compared to common colors such as white or gray, but it is still easily combined with young wood materials for a more beautiful kitchen impression. In addition, pastel kitchen paint colors are suitable for small kitchens because they have a bright base to make the room look more open.

Not only to choose the color of the kitchen paint that makes the room seem more spacious, the combination of kitchen paint colors combined with the appearance of the room furniture can keep the attention away from the narrowness of the room and focus on the aesthetic value of the kitchenette. Dekoruma sells kitchen utensils with various models and colors that you can customize with the color of your kitchen paint, you know!